Additional Equipment


Rinsing Machine GG75

This machine is suitable for cleaning empty containers within the following range:
Container diameter: 30 to 160 mm
Container height: 50 to 280 mm

  • stainless steel frame
  • protection covers made of stainless steel covered by polycarbonate panels
  • centrifugal fan complete with filter enabling containers to be treated with filtered air
  • buffer conveyor for the intake and overturning of the containers
  • driven by motoreducer controlled by inverter
  • stainless steel conveyor for containers infeed, 2000 mm long
  • stainless steel conveyor for containers outfeed, 2000 mm long
  • stainless steel electric panel with low tension controls
  • very versatile machine suitable to clean any container sizes without any additional costs
  • very quick change over time from one size to another, without any additional parts, only by adjustments
  • possibility of positioning the infeed and outfeed conveyors at any machine side thus enabling an extremely versatility for lay-out of line
  • possibility to carry out different treatments of the containers (by air – steam – hot water)
  • fully accessible at the inside
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
Motorization : 4,5 kW

Air consumption : 100 NL/min a (at) 3bar

Overall dimensions : 3 x 0,8 x h 2,1 m

Weight : 500 kg

  • capping operation executed in a saturated steam chamber, to create vacuum inside the container
  • constant vacuum value
  • easy adjustment to container sizes and quick format change-over
  • constant screwing strength in any conditions of use
  • high resistance to corrosion
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
    Motorization : 1,5 kW

    Steam consumption : 70 kg/h at 3 bar

    Water consumption : 12 l/h at 2 bar 5 – 15 French degrees

    Air consumption : 5 Nl/1” at 6 bar

    Overall dimensions : 3000 x 1000 x h 2400 mm

    Weight : 520 kg (without feeder)

  • upper head in satin-polished stainless steel
  • kit for jars lower than 50 mm
  • steam super-heater kit (for products like mayonnaise and cheese)
  • extension of the conveyor at inlet or outlet
  • automatic ejection of non-capped containers (the ejected containers are collected on a special table)
  • lateral discharge platform, equipped with safety microswitch, to accumulate the exceeding jars


Rinsing Machine GG20

Cleaning machine for empty containers with round, square or octogonal shape, with min. 30mm opening, featuring five stages:

  1. Container feeding by pushing system 180°
  2. Container overturning
  3. Air blowing by electro-fan with filter
  4. Pre-heating with steam injection 180°
  5. Container overturning and discharge

GG20 Technical Data
Motorization : 0.55 kW variator – 4 kW fan
Saturated Steam Consumption : 50 kg/h at 2-4 bar
Overall dimensions : 4000x800xH.1500mm
Weight : 530 kg


Suitable for the thermal treatment of products with a pH lower than 4.5, contained in jars, bottles, cans.

The range includes various models covering a production up to 80,000 cph. Each step of the thermal cycle can be customized in terms of temperature and treatment time to perfectly suit the product characteristics. The pasteurisers can be equipped with a final blowing section to remove any water drops from the containers and ease labelling. All machines are of a modular construction to make transport easier.

    Simple operation and highly reliable

  • Construction in stainless steel and special anti-wearing materials
  • Treating times and thermal cycles can be personalised
  • Reduced consumptions (electricity, water, steam, air)
  • Machines complying with CE regulations



We can supply a range of motorised conveyors for loading / unloading and moving production line materials. From single or double lane shuttle conveyors to larger systems for moving:

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Packs
  • Pallets
  • Crates


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