Jar & Bottle Filling Machines

Linear Piston Filler PF2T & PF3T

The PF3T is a highly reliable fully automatic bottle filler machine. It is suitable for filling dense and semi-dense products such as jam containing pieces, tomato paste, ketchup, meat-based or vegetable-based sauces, baby-food, jams and similar liquid based products.

  • Simple use and ergonomic controls
  • Easy cleaning for high sanitation levels
  • Storage of parameters and recipes
  • Flexible product alternatives
  • Quick format change-over adjustments
  • Max. production: 5000cph with 300g jar & homogeneous product

Rotary Piston Filler PF20T

Made from stainless steel this automatic bottle filler machine is highly suitable for the food industry as it is easily cleaned and sanitised, easily inspected and is very user-friendly whilst maintaining high precision and flexibility.

  • Stainless steel structure, easy cleaning, adjustable height
  • Product hopper with two- or three-way pneumatic valve, controlled by level probes
  • Bottom-up filling version available for foamy products
    No-can no-fill device
  • Automatic container stop at in-feed in case of failure; machine stop in case of jam at out-feed
  • Safety guards complying with CE regulations
  • Motorised conveyor belt with gear motor controlled by variable frequency drive
  • Machine equipped to handle one container size
  • Rotary models with carrousels featuring 6 to 40cylinders, with nozzles preventing product spillage
  • Parts in contact with products made of Aisi 316 stainless steel or other material suitable for the food industry
  • Max. speed 32000cph with homogeneous production 250gr size with 40 filling cylinders

Rotary Vacuum Filler

A range of fully automatic bottle filler machine suitable for high volumes of liquid products such as ketchup, tomato puree, fruit juices and the like.

The empty bottles, jars or containers arrive from the conveyor and are synchronized through a worm screw and then placed under the filling valves. After filling, the air is extracted from the inside of the containers via liquid ring suction pump and then capped.

Linear Flometric Filler

A range of fully automatic filling machines suitable for dispensing homogeneous liquids.

  • High sanitation
  • Easy format change over
  • Filling precision

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