Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machines for UK Manufacturers & Producers

Typhoon PSL offers a total service to UK based production organisations for the supply and support of liquid filling machines. We are the sole representative in the UK of Unimac Gerri who have over 70 years heritage is this specialist field and are widely considered to be the leading manufacturer of liquid filling machines.

Our filling machines can be purchased in standard configurations or can be designed and manufactured for a specific production application. The standard filling machines are able to fill liquid and semi-liquid products into cylindrical and shaped containers from 0.5 to 220 litre capacity and even more in the case of IBCs.

We supply, install and support a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic liquid filling machines suitable for filling containers with:

  • plain liquid
  • juices
  • preserves (including honey)
  • sauces (with or without bits)
  • syrup
  • pastes
  • gel
  • oil & lubricants
  • chemical cleaner
  • industrial chemicals
  • paint & ink
  • toiletries
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceuticals

Automatic Filling Machines

A fully automated filling system is used for high speed production line applications that are likely to contain a high degree of automation and conveyors.

Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

A Semi-automated filling system is powered by compressed air with the process being initiated by an operator. The containers are placed into the machine by hand and filled by the operator who will normally start the process by pushing a button or foot pedal.

Choose from the types of containers below to find out more about the filling machines we supply…

Bottle & Jar Filling

Can & Drum Filling

IBC Filling

UK Filling Machine Systems – Typhoon can assist.

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