IBC Filling Machine

Typhoon supply IBC filling machines (Intermediate Bulk Container) to UK industry normally in the production lines of chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals companies.

Semi-automatic Weight Filler Uni999

The Uni999 is a Semi-automatic weight filler for 20 to 210kg drums on a pallet or IBCs up to 1,000 litres. The machine fills liquids and semi-liquids without solid residues with a maximum viscosity 25,000 cps. This model fills at a rate of 5 to10 pallets per hour or 12 INCs an hour. Filling is performed automatically while bunging and capping are normally carried out by the operator by means of suitable closing systems.

The basic machine consists of:

  • Painted steel structure with adjustable supporting feet and collecting tank
  • Arm translating on X and Y axes
  • Operator handle bar with cycle buttons
  • Adjustable height structure by manual handwheel
  • Scale plate with digital display
  • One (1) filling head with traction-type closing
  • Head supporting slide with vertical motion for dispenser introduction into the container
  • 38 traction-type dispenser
  • Electric control box with low-voltage controls

Uni999 Features:

  • The machine can be equipped with more filling heads (up to 4 max.) to fill incompatible products
  • Easy and quick format change-over operations with no need of special tools
  • Change-over time: max. 5 minutes
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Machine complying with CE regulations
  • Many options and accessories

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